Customer Installations

Customer Installations

American Battery Solutions

Multiple Plantwatch systems with 10 client stations provide traceability for production of battery systems. Robots, PLC's, vision cameras and bar code readers interact to create genealogy of the products. Ability to debug and configure themselves was a major selling feature. Plantwatch Functions : Ethernet ip to plc, TCP/IP to vision systems, Graphics, Logic Wizard, Database browser, File manager and network clients.

Baumfolder Solutions

File management between warehouse management software and printers via postscript. Interface to bar code readers with logic confirming no duplicates or missing documents. Communicate to printers, PLC, conveyor and camera Receive job set up and control data flow to printer while error proofing. Plantwatch Functions: TCP/IP to PLC- scanner and printer, Logic Wizard, File manager

Gebbers Farms

Pallet build error proofing. Halo with 16 cameras surrounds nd scans pallett stack on all sides. System builds bill of material to compare to expected items from SQL. Rejects pallet if variation in load verses expected. Plantwatch Functions: : TCP/IP, Graphics, Logic Wizard, File manager, Database browser

Norbert Industries

Norbert Industries is tracking internal engine components for Pratt Whitney jet engines. Data Matrix marks are created using a Dot Peen marker and read by a hand held imager. The data is compiled in SQL for reporting.

General Motors

HTE installed one of its 3D LaserVision snap ring inspection stations to improve detection of improper seating in the cylinder groove. During installation GM asked if PlantWatch could control the cell by talking to the Siemens PLC via OPC as well as communicate to the existing Cognex camera application for read results. PlantWatch was configured to perform the functions to control the system, collect the data and images and communicate to PLC in less than 4 hours. PlantwatFunctions: OPC,

Ancor Information systems

Job tracking of print jobs Tracks operator, job number and status, printer ID Operator interface, hand held scanner and badge reader Plantwatch Functions: TCP/IP, Graphics, Logic Wizard, File manager

HTT Technologies

HTT needed to marry the lot code of heat treated steering shafts to the furnace process parameters and serial numbers of each shaft laser etched with a data matrix. The ability of PlantWatch to look up furnace data per serial number gives HTT the reverse genealogy data their end customer is asking for. Plantwatch Functions: Graphics, file manager, TCP/IP, digital I/O


System integrator needed to communicate, control and visualize an X-Ray process. Shortly after the initial PlantWatch installation the end customer asked for communication to a proprietary mid level system bidirectionally. PlantWatch quickly and easily connected to the system adhering to its rules in a standard format. Functions:

The Crown Group

Crown Group needed to get automated control of e-coat baths based on which part type was to be coated. Plantwatch quickly recognized the part type from a rack mounted data matrix and adjusted the rectifier as well as logged process parameters and allowed visualization of the process through the graphics screens created in Plantwatch. Plantwatch Functions: I/O,


Autocon needed to quickly provide traceability to a line it was building for ZF Lemforder. Using Plantwatch the line was delivered with required traceability on time. Quote from Autocon Jim Krause : "Plantwatch did everything I needed"


Cummins Jamestown Engine plant running since 2012 with 9 copies of PlantWatch provides traceability of serialized fuel injectors and their attributes as they are installed in the head. When the head is mated to the block the injector flow data is used to program the ECM module. Both automated and manual operations are in use. Plantwatch Functions: Graphics, Kepware to PLC, Logic engine, Graphics,

Cryovac Sealed Air

Vision system control reading full pallet of shipping labels to confirm correct load per customer order. Plantwatch Functions: I/O, Control, file manager, graphics

Classy Closets

System identifies components of a closet structure package Parts are identified by bar code reader and compared to build list. If incorrect part is scanned conveyor is stopped. Build sheet created for each job with time date , # of each component

Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar needed to retrofit a robotic loaded piston rod station. Control of a slide, a dot peen marker and vision inspection for OCR of the cast heat code, Quality analysis of the dot peen code and data logging for trace-ability was required. Plantwatch Functions:: OPC, TCP/IP, Graphics, Logic Wizard, File manager

Magneti Marelli

Traceability of serialized exhaust systems. Camera control,bar code scanner control, OPC to Omron PLC, graphics, component traceability to finished product, label print and verification, Plantwatch Functions: Kepware to Omron PLC, Graphics, Logic Wizard, File manager, Database browser

Magna Cosma

Plant wide serialized traceability. Birth through X Ray, Aggregate to batch for Heat treat, through deagragate and ship on three lines provides customer requirements . Plantwatch Functions: OPC, Database browser,TCP/IP,Graphics, Network Client,

Cummins Fuel systems

Verify data matrix mark quality , Communicate to laser marker for correct part type, Control station: light curtains, rf id tags, turntable Control camera, trigger, save images , Error proof part type


Tier one automotive supplier engine assembly line Laser marker serializes part with data matrix Part is id'd at each of 15 stations to collect data from torques, leak test Before line release system checks for pass on all stations Data saved and moved to Plex ERP. Plantwatch Functions: OPC to AB PLC,, TCP/IP, Graphics, Logic Wizard, File manager


Safemail Turn key application Mail matching, output verification & Inserter control solutions for the Transactional & Direct Mail industry. Plantwatch functions: TCP/ip to plc and cameras, Database browser for job load and stored procedures for compare. Graphics, Logic engine, file manager

Customer Installations
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