Plantwatch builds your supervisory control and data acquisition system with simple radio button configuration.

Plantwatch application builder software

Product philosophy is to deliver an application builder software allowing our customers to develop and own their application with one day of training

Plantwatch Logic Actions

Plantwatch builds in days your application specific to your process. Simple logic and fill in the blanks and you are controlling and data collecting from your lines or stations.


Manufacturing Execution Systems. Track, monitor, and control the production process and data flows on the factory floor.


software and hardware components enable gathering of data from industrial equipment.

Error proofing

Error proofing with process control reduces build errors and ensures correct product routing.

Quality Systems

Ensure high and consistent product quality with reduced defects

How It Works

Traceability Software for Manufacturing

Step: 1

Configure your devices to communicate and  create your tag variables.

Step: 2

Build up your logic charts.

Step: 3

Build your graphic screens

Step: 4

Run the application and watch your logic with live monitor

Plantwatch Tracking Software

Serialized or Lot based operations can be monitored, controlled, and logged to provide you with valuable real time or historical information. Error proofing with process control reduces build errors and ensures correct product routing. 

Vision System Laser
Robotic Vision System
Code Readers
Calibration/ Test Data
Barcode Printer


Plantwatch has a user-friendly graphics system where the user can create their desired screens with inputs, outputs, buttons, images, and more.


Plantwatch can communicate with a multitude of systems including: RS232, I/O, Ethernet, OPC & Structured Text File


Plantwatch® allows you to make logical application decisions with its powerful Logic Chart engine.


Plantwatch® stores data within SQL Servers. Each part attributes, along with process parameters and consumed materials

How It Works

Plant watch software and an Omron MicroHawk verifier assure the proper label is applied and proper amount of hooks are packaged.


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