Flexible and easy-to-use cameras for machine vision inspection and bar code reading.

Machine Vision, Bar code reading & Verification of mark quality

MRT offers solutions and components for machine vision inspections and automatic ID. We will determine the optimum camera product for your application. Fixed mount and handheld imagers for 1D and 2D bar codes. Smart cameras and pc based cameras for machine vision.

Barcode Quality Verifier

Machine Vision Inspection

Our machine vision systems solutions will help you to meet all inspection and traceability requirements for high customer satisfaction.

How It Works

Smart vision cameras contain the sensor and the software to independently receive a trigger, process the image

Plant watch software and an Omron MicroHawk verifier assure the proper label is applied and proper amount of hooks are packaged.

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AutoVISION is the easiest software available for basic to mid-range vision applications.

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