MRT provides sales and service of direct part marking systems to print high contrast codes on metal and plastic parts.

Part Marking Systems

Marking systems from multiple manufactures are evaluated by the MRT lab to select the appropriate components required to perform the mark within cycle time, quality and budget. Laser, Dot peen and ink jet components as well as  integrated turn-key marking systems are provided. These systems, called Firepower, may have other components like cameras to look at the mark created and Plantwatch to perform traceability and data collection. MRT’s  Firepower marking systems include  CO2, Fiber and UV lasers  as well as dot peen and ink jet systems.

Authorized FOBA laser service and parts

Onsite repairs - Upgrades - Lasers

FOBA Lasers

High end lasers with through the lens vision for fixtureless marking with precision to 5 microns . Calibration routines allow marking to 24 ” with accuracy to the outer edges of the mark field. Specializing in Medical devices.


MRT’s brand for integrated marking systems. Laser, Dot peen, and Ink jet integrated turn key systems and their components. These turn key installations can include part handling , quality inspection of the part for error proofing as well as mark quality verification to ISO  standards.


Filter and Extraction systems for particulate matter, dust, and vapors. An environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and quiet extraction system, ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as laboratories and practice rooms.

Laser Repair Services

MRT provides service and parts to multiple manufacturers of Lasers.


Squid Ink Jet

gravotech dot peen

Our Solutions

Plantwatch Software

Error Proofing, Serialized traceability, Pc-based control, Line Automation, Data Collection, SCADA.

Camera Systems

Omron Cameras, laser line 3D Vision inspection, machine vision inspection, Bar code reading systems, lighting, and sensing.


Laser, Dot Peen, Ink, Labels. Laser workstations, in-line marking systems, Light tight laser snorkle, vision-based precision marking, day and night, medical devices. Contract marking service.

Custom Machines

Automation for cameras/lasers, Custom Graphical User Interfaces, Data collection and control systems, laser enclosures, and material handling.

On-site Service

MRT supports other integrator's installations including all the above systems regardless of manufacturer brand. Repair and maintenance of many camera and laser systems.

Recent Firepower Systems We Installed

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Fire Power Laser System
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Laser Workstation FOBA M2000-P (A remarkable Laser Marking Station)
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 Laser Mark with Verifier

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