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This list comprises a sub set of turn key installs performed by HTE Inc.

Founded in 1990, HTE has been distributing and integrating products and solutions specializing in Machine Vision Systems, Vision Guided Robotics, AutoID, Traceability, Error Proofing, Direct Part Marking and Plant Floor Data Collection. HTE has provided solutions for Automotive, Aerospace, Food and Beverage, DOD, Packaging, Pharmaceutical as well as other industries
HTE’s 3D Laser Vision Inspection System

GM Power train HDQT

Lab system robot mounts to determine various application feasibilities

GM Power train Toledo

Snap ring inspection transmission clutch pack I/D

Magna E Car

Robot mount RTV inspection on chassis control module

Data Matrix Installations Usually Includes Camera’s, Lighting, Fixturing and Data Collection.

FORD 6R transmission

HTE assisted Mario Accardo in coordinating mark standards, lasers and quality verification readers at tier ones to Ford Livonia transmission as well as assembly hand held cameras for the Livonia line. Assisted both line builders B@K and Krause. Tier ones FCC Adams, Metaldyne, Hastek (div of Linamar), purchased Matrix Monitor

FORD Sharonville

Developed mark verification software for closed loop control to Rofin Sinar laser. Fixed mount and hand held provided for assembly HTE Matrix Monitor product

FORD Wayne Assembly

GM Bay City

50 Plus systems reading data matrix on cams multiple verification stations. HTE Matrix Monitor

GM Bay City

Volt data matrix readers, vision inspection and vision guidance to laser to place mark in proper position avoiding holes. 16 mega pixel camera decoding dense data matrix in 3′ X 3′ field of view

GM Crankshaft program

Coordinated common mark design and quality to assure readability between plants.

Romulus, Livonia, St. Catherine’s, Tonawanda, Salio


GM Flint engine south

25 + cameras reading dot peen data matrix on heads, blocks and multiple verification stations and vision error proofing HTE Matrix Monitor

Kehien Capac MI Greenfield IN

Data matrix on throttle body Laser

Cummins 3 plants Columbus IN

Data matrix on blocks and fuel injectors Dot peen

Federal Mogul SBend IN

Data matrix on pistons Laser

Kaiser Aluminum Muskegon MI

Crated CNC program programmatically to cutter path for bar code

Supported them and their suppliers Thumb tool and Exco tool

FORD Power train

13 DPM carts installed one per plant for supplier quality conformance

Valiant Machine Tool Auburn Hills MI

Mark Verify line for Weber automotive parts to Ford Van Dyke

GM Tonawanda

Data matrix reading cams and cranks before gauging.

TRW Saginaw

Supported tier one on install of new zeta steering assembly line including data matrix readers, vision inspection and tie in to traceability system

Linamar (Hasteck) / Guelph On

2 Systems Ford 6R

Data matrix Verify Laser mark Data Matrix

Linamar (Camcor ) / Guelph On

6 camera read 1 camera data matrix verify

Cummins Cam

Honda Marysville/Alliston

Data matrix reading of pistons and heads (dot peen) and bumpers
Machine Vision

GM Bay City

Multiple vision systems to laser to place mark in proper position avoiding holes in cams

TRW Saginaw MI

Supported tier one Autocon on install of new zeta steering assembly line vision inspection 16 cameras

ZF Lemforder Lapeer MI

Vision inspection steering

Cummins Columbus Indiana

Mid engine loctite on freeze plugs inspection

Norma Group Auburn Hills

Quality inspection of clamp assembly

Caterpillar Lafayette In

OCR on cast rod Retrofit of entire mark, read, track cell

Linamar (Lintool) Guelph ON

Orientation of camshaft

L’Oreal Florence KY

High Speed spray tube inspection

JHP Pharmacy Rochester MI

OCV Pharmacy Date/Lot

UniSolar Auburn Hills MI

High speed read of data matrix on mirrored stainless. Three plants standardized on HTEinc.

Auburn Hills mi, Greenville MI Tijuana Mexico

Plant Floor and Municipal Data Acquisition, Database Set Up, Bi-directional data flow to devices, Logic, Alarming & Reports.

Anheuser Busch 12 North American breweries

Advanced Training

Thomas steel strip Warren OH

VMS factorylink SCADA

South Oakland County Water Royal Oak MI

Oracle dbase to SQL

Newark Water Newark Ohio

SCADA enhancement

EPA Ann Arbor MI

Controls programming test machine
HTE’s PlantWatch Traceability

Installation of HTE’s PlantWatch Software.

Caterpillar Lafayette Indiana

1 system

HeatTreatTechnologies Lima Ohio

1 system

Federal Mogul South Bend Indiana

1 system

Cummins Jamestown New York

9 systems

ZF Lemforder Northville Mi

1 System

Crown Group Nashville Tenn.

1 system

Leoni Orion Michigan

1 System

GM Toledo Ohio Transmission

1 System Matrix Monitor Installs

Installation of HTE’s Matrix Monitor quality system

Ford 6R transmission

Tier one supplier base

Borg Warner


GM Bay City, Flint, Romulus,


Federal Mogul

HTT Laser System Installs

Installation and Start Up of Laser Marking Cell. Usually Integrated to Camera Systems and ERP.

SKF Bearing

TRW Brake Lab

Offsite Mfg.

Weber Automotive inline Trans housing

Valiant Valve body inline robotic load

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