Plantwatch® provides traceability, error proofing and control throughout your manufacturing process. Plantwatch®'s simple configuration uses drop down menus and a simple graphics editor to allow you to quickly connect and deploy your Plantwatch® application. Serialized or Lot based operations can be monitored, controlled, and logged to provide you with valuable real time or historical information. Error proofing with process control reduces build errors and ensures correct product routing. Bi-directional connectivity to plant devices/systems allows process data to be married to a final product’s historical genealogy enabling manufacturers to easily quarantine and/ or recall defective product by running a simple report.

PlantWatch Manual
PlantWatch Example Configuration

Plantwatch® has a user friendly flexible graphics system where the user can create their desired screens with inputs, outputs, buttons, images and more.

Plantwatch® stores data within SQL Server. Each parts attributes, along with process parameters and consumed materials, are stored in SQL or local CSV files. Analytical reports can be created for forward and reverse genealogy and process parameters. Stored procedures are supported.

Plantwatch® allows you to make logical application decisions with its powerful Logic Chart engine. Then logic combined with powerful operations such as (WriteToOpc) allows complex logic to easily be created.

Plantwatch® can communicate with a multitude of systems including:
Structured Text File

Database Browser

Database browser is one of the many logic chart actions. The Database Browser action allows you to interact with a SQL database. You can insert, delete, update or select records from any table within the database. These tools can be configured with where clauses to limit the records affected. Multiple records can be affected at one time with the Array feature

File Manager

File Manager is one of many logic chart actions. The File Manager action allows you to interact with the files located on the file systems available to the local computer. You can copy, rename or delete files. You can create or remove directories. You can also check for the existence of a specific file or directory.

Remote Executable

Trigger Exe is another of many logic chart actions. The Trigger Exe action allows you to invoke a program outside of the scope of Plantwatch. The program can be a compiled executable, batch file or Visual Basic script. You control how the program is presented, hidden, visible or maximized. You can also send an argument to control how the program runs. The Trigger Exe actions allows you to create application specific functions and invoke those functions as part of Plantwatch

Web Client

Web Client is Plantwatch’s multiple user system. With Web Client you can have many users all working on a single application. Each user will have their own copy of the Plantwatch user screens and will be able to navigate and monitor/control just as if they were at the main cpu.

Creating a Logic Chart

Create a logic chart in 3 easy steps. Click the image to preview.

File Management

Managing files is easy too!
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