Bar Code Verification

1d / 2d / Direct part mark Aim DPM 2006 / GS1 / Mil std 130n / ISO 15416

HTE specializes in all forms of bar code quality verification.

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Understanding 2D Verification
Matrix Monitor

Matrix Monitor DPM Verifier (Direct Part Marks) verifies data matrix symbols according to specifications in MIL-STD130, AimDPM 2007 and DFAR 252.11-7003. Symbols that are directly marked by dot peen, laser etch and ink jet on materials such as metal, plastic, and rubber are gauged to determine compliance to OEM specifications. By testing against every allowable light configuration you can be sure that if the part fails, it is conclusive. Built in reporting, trending and editable messaging makes Matrix Monitor a complete system.

Features Include:

  • User Definable Limits
  • Data Logging
  • Operator Log
  • Daily and hourly Statistics
  • Historical Trending
  • Alarming, Real-Time/Historical
  • Data Search tool

When an unreadable mark means scrapping the part, proper verification translates into higher production rates, lower scrap and a better bottom line. HTE’s solutions result in better running systems that will save money. Without a completely integrated solution of marking, verifying and reading, you’re just spending money. It’s time you start getting something in return.