Dental Implant with UDI


Firepower lasers are custom designed systems to provide our customers with automation suited to their specific application. Typical systems include custom light tight enclosures with part handling , cameras for quality of mark and error proofing, control of the cell and cameras for downstream traceability. Handshaking to existing MES and PLC’s is common.

Magnetti Laser plantwatch

Tier one exhaust supplier required serialized traceability through the weld and assembly process. HTE provided a turnkey system that included a Plantwatch software application to monitor and control a laser marking cell and three weld and assemble lines. The laser births the catalytic converter by marking the unique serial number into a data matrix which is read at each station before sub components are welded together. Leak test data is collected from Omron PLC and attached to the part record. Once accepted as complete/quality part Bar code label is generated and applied to the part. All data is stored to a remote SQL database with local CSV file available for local plant review.

Components connected bi directionally and controlled by Plantwatch. Siemens PLC on Laser, Omron PLCs /HMI on weld lines, fixed and handheld Omron cameras at weld cells. Communicatons : TCP/IP, Serial RS232, Stored procedures to customer SQL ,File transfer to ERP.


Tier one supplier needed laser mark system added to existing line to mark aluminum valve body and then verify the laser mark to AIM-DPM2006 per Ford requirements. HTE provided a turnkey system including custom floor mounted fixture over conveyor, Foba laser in a custom light tight enclosure with Pnumatics for ingress and egress , lift and locate, camera for mark verification with Matrix Monitor software for operator interface and logging of quality results.


This is a demonstration system showing a Plantwatch control and traceability client running on a remote tablet to allow remote input to a FOBA mark file as well as fires laser over TCP/IP. Watch the powerful software application that was built in 30 minutes act as the controller for the laser as well as be available for data collection and control of the cameras, conveyors, robots and PLC. Bi directional communication to MES or ERP is also simple

Firepower systems

Weber Transmission case

Robot load ford transmission case into light tight box for laser mask. Robot unload to verification station for quality gauge to FORD specification Aim DPM-2006. Log all results. Comm to MES through Plantwatch.

Matrix monitor with Microscan camera for quality gauge.