Firepower Part Markers

MRT's brand for integrated marking systems. Laser, Dot peen and Inkjet integrated turn key systems and their components.

Sales Service Integration

Complete automation systems or stand alone manual load workstations are available. From mark design to system start up MRT provides robust, reliable systems .

Examples of recent Firepower systems installed

Three GM V8 Engine lines. FOBA 30 Watt lasers with custom light tight "snorkle" allows for installation in tight location.

Custom Class IV enclosure with laser marker, verification camera and TBH fume extraction.


Cummins error proof stations. Laser marker, mark quality system, RF-Id poke-oke, machine vision final inspection with Plantwatch software coordinating it all.


Magneti Plantwatch production monitoring system for three weld lines. Laser, 3 dot peens with fixed and hand held scanners. Production counts and serialized traceability with geneology.


Dana axle housing with robot loaded laser mark station and Mark quality verification station grading to Ford spec Aim-DPM2006

Mark Read Track logo

Ford F-35 transmission case. Laser marker cell in custom light tight box with second station for mark quality verification using Matrix Monitor.

MRT Application Lab

Send us your sample parts for mark design to meet your data, cycle time and quality reporting requirements. MRT’s app lab has access to laser, dot peen and ink jet systems to select the most appropriate hardware and software to meet your budget.

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