Engineered solutions , Design, Build and Install

MRT designs, builds and installs solutions for  Marking , Reading / Inspection  and Traceability. Using  off the shelf products or MRT developed solutions allows us to address shortcoming in the marketplace. Examples include Matrix Monitor software for FORD, 3D-Laser vision for GM and Plantwatch for everyone.

Our knowledge base extends into control systems, motion, sensors, MES, Communication protocols, networks, printers, labeler’s and cameras. MRT delivers robust long lived solutions.

Some examples of engineered solutions:

Cummins injector error proof  

Plantwatch controls the laser, fires cameras, confirms all parts have only one mark, confirms mark is AIM DPM-2006 quality c or better, directs operator to place part through correct light curtain. No plc required.

GM snap ring inspection  (3D-LaserVision)

3Dlaser inspection to inspect for correct insertion of the transmission clutch ID snap ring.

FORD tire inspection

Reading a very dense data matrix on a 20 rim in motion without knowing where the code will be located.

Engine lock tite inspection

Inspecting for proper spray pattern of sealant on ID of nine freeze plug holes. Luckily the sealant fluoresces in black light.

Plant wide traceability creating geneolgy of Maniverter exhaust systems. Omron PLC, Cameras, laser