Smart Cameras

Image based cameras can read both 1D and 2D bar codes. Laser scanners can only read 1D codes. Readers contain the sensor and the software to individually receive a trigger, process the code and out put a formatted decode string.

Omron Microscan Bar Code readers

The MicroHAWK line of smart code readers provide performance and simplicity at a price point none will match. Small, fast and tested. Call for a demonstration.

Weblink is on board the MicroHawk and accessed by any browser to adjust settings and display images and performance.

  • bottle code reading
  • Pharmaceutical bottle date lot code reading
  • 360 degree reading
  • decodes tough to read bar codes
  • Microhawk id-45 features
  • Microhawk smart camera line up

Bar code reading systems as stand alone products or integrated systems.